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Incomplete Life


I’ve built walls higher than China’s great wall
But this emptiness I feel now, for it there are no words
I’ve always felt like running away and hiding somewhere
Leave everything behind without so much as a farewell
To an island where only I can be
And think of life like it’s really no big deal.

It’s becoming harder and harder to describe how I feel
‘Cause even I can’t comprehend this mounting desire to kill
To destroy myself and all I’ve ever hoped for
Right in front of me is a daunting closed door.


There’s an intimidating closed door in front of me
I can’t be who I really want to be
I still have those rare moments of sanity
Where I sit back and describe my life with brevity
To death or sickness, I’ve got no immunity
Yet I’m reckless and treat life with levity.
From this suffocating abyss of darkness and lack,
Do I climb out, I have no intention of being back.

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