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The touch of your hands around my waist sent spark of arousal and desire,

My whole nerves bowed down to you as the touch persisted,
Making me your slave for the Moment,

As you drew the line of love across my naked navel,
I shivered in ecstasy and moaned in pleasure,
Your hungry lips encaged my lips in a firm grip,
Your soft breast rubbing my chest as my trouser thickened,
I ran my fingers across your neck
Traveling down to your erect nipples,
Circling each as if I was asked to draw 360°
You gasped for air and scratched my chest,
My beast was smiling
I longed to be inside you,
You began to shed tears of pleasure,

Your legs were shaking and you clung to me like a wolverine,
Burying your nails into my back,
Marking a mark of ownership,
You gave me a hickey, claiming me like the bad boy I have always been,

I squeezed your nipple and you let out a moan,
I silenced you with a kiss
our souls entangled,
While my moaning escaped into thin air,
Your skin brushed mine in silence,
Our sweats made us friction-free
Your scent drove me crazier than I was,

I roared like a lion.
While you cried harder and you screamed louder,
Hitting me on my chest with a fist,
Asking me to stop, asking me to slow down,
But you know we are at the point of no return,
We were doomed and cursed,
You pushed me away, withdrawing by force,
Standing afar and giving me a look,
You couldn’t resist the temptation,
You wanted more of this sensation,
You grabbed me once again and you
Whispered softly,
I am your prize, so own me.
I smiled, “I am the risk you should never pray to take.”
This statement made you explode like a bomb.
“Wake up jare, Coronavirus dey for the world, make sure to be washing your hands always and maintain good hygiene.”

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