Dirty Mind

Dirty Mind

That very night,
He didn’t realize she had dimples
Perhaps cause there was no light
And she never knew he had nipples
Somehow everything seem so right

While she sat on his bed
He thought of a better way to have her tended
While he thought time quickly fed
He was so disappointed that he had his guts aided
All of a sudden, ‘feel comfortable’, he said.

They way she looked at him made him feeble
That he started looking for nothing
He sheepishly headed under his table
Believe me under it there was not a thing
She knew what’s up but was still humble.

He started talking with his mouth shut
After a long while, he sat right beside her
And she said don’t cut the story short
More and more dirty words as they went far
At that moment he had to shoot his shot

Successful as it was
So quick they became toxic animals
So tasty and hungry for the worse
Fell to the ground, felt no pain, all normal
Just at some point… she paused

Though undressed already
He liked her better bare-assed
Jiggling her boobies like teddy
Silently she said ‘worship my body’
And don’t overlook an inch
Just bow down and submit, oh baby…

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