Be Long Where You Belong

Of what use is a clock without an hour or second to work with,
Or a first without a second and a length without a breadth.
Of what service is a cloak without a body to shield on,
And of a light in the darkness waiting to be switched on…

As the sun loves to enjoy undeniable touch of the sky from dawn to twilight,
So the moon lingers to feel her warm hugs and escorts her through the solitary night.
As stars earnestly gaze at the beauty of the moon in amazement,
So the blacksmith journeys the irons through the glory of fire and they blaze in appraisement.

For ground soils the soul of trees and plants;
Of thorns and roses, and housed the colony of ants.
For the sky displays the aesthetic color of rainbow after rain,
And the world testifies to the history of kings and queens after reign.

Stay little, maybe a little long or be long where you belong,
Let the love, kindness and happiness of life be prolonged.
For if the roots are detached from the ground,
And springs, lakes and oceans dried and drowned…

Through the bitter leaves come the leaf of latent sweetness;
The lives of our shelf life comes fulfilment of completeness.
For life fruits death and joy vines sadness…
Be long with life and joy where you belong.

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