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A World of Downs

Mum birthed me
But seems to be the one killing me
She addresses me negatively
Like a baggage of Lucifer’s woes
Not knowing this kills internally

What do I know
If not what they let me know
I just noticed I’m different
In thinking, acting, and structure

In thinking: unhappy I am always
When with peers, I’m the most embarrassed
When being taught, assimilation takes years

In acting: aggressive I am always
If I can’t sleep, you mustn’t too
Transitional anxiety got me always

In structure: my face is flattened
Like brachycephalic dogs and Persian cats
Don’t imagine my eyes; almond-shaped they are
You see my neck and ears; one is short, the other small
Question my height?
Short I am from childhood to adolescence

I wouldn’t shut this mouth
I question it all
Everyone refusing to tell
But I overheard mum over the phone
Saying, “He has much chromosomes”
And that, “He is of the DOWNS.”

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