What Is Love?

Is it the quickie beneath the shaded mango tree?
Is it the random kisses when words fail to express?
Is it the several entanglements on our bed of love,
When the day made haste to break?

What then is love?
Is it the promises we made but still broke?
Is it the loneliness we dispelled by holding hands together
Or the feelings we expressed sitting at the river bank
When we revealed our nakedness
As a mark of true honesty?

What then is love?
Is it the blood we exchange to prove faithfullness?
Is it the oath we took to dispel infidelity?
Is it the rings on our fingers to proclaim ownership,
Or the several letters to profess commitment.

What then is love?
Is it the sacrifice made to win your heart?
Or the several kindness shown to test your resolve.
Is it the endless visits to beauty salons
In attempts to turn you into the world’s beauty queen.

What then is love?
Is it the betrayal and the blackmails?
Is it the heart breaks and the break ups?
Is it the numerous tears you shed
For your dearly estranged lover?

I ask again, what then is love?

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