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Counting the numerous innovations, no doubt, they are all products of education. I mean, looking at the world today, indeed knowledge has greatly increased .

But just paying attention to the recent happenings, we just can’t fix the irony.

For in times past, we saw men perishing for lack of knowledge. But now we see men dying for lack of understanding.

Students keep searching for knowledge, only few plead for insight. Lawyers keep quoting laws but only few are breaking the bad norms. Teachers still dictating theories, only few understand practicals. Even some of our so-called graduates go about showcasing empty certificates full of ignorance.

Where exactly are we going? What are we doing? Can we just stop raising our shoulders all because we have something to share and start hiding the medals just so we can learn.

For there are walls too difficult for only knowledge to break, mountains too high for it to climb and oceans to deep for it to swim.

But remember, counsel in the heart of man is like deep waters, but a man of understanding will draw it out.

Therefore, arise, O ye philosophers full of wisdom, doctors who will appreciate our unique culture, noble politicians who will not suffer from amnesia, engineers who will prove themselves as godly pioneers, open your mouth and cry out for understanding.

For, if knowledge is power to knock at the doors of opportunities, then understanding is the rare key that unlocks doors of possibilities.

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