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Queen That Fights Corona

I am here to celebrate the real Queen
Oh God bless her, “Amen”
For us to stay up all night, we take bean and caffeine
But this Queen takes nothing, for she’s used to it
We wear masks before going to a canteen
To avoid the virus we walk in careen
when we go to hospitals, we wonder how she manages to keep her uniform pure clean.

As we wait for the cure and vaccine,
she faces the unforseen and unseen,
she knows her fate lays at the border of death and life, somewhere in between
But with a smile on her face, she gladly walks at that border
As we pray for God to intervene, so that we should celebrate the next Halloween,
she prays for God to intervene, so that her patients survives

We know what quarantine means , for she doesn’t
We make fun and fool around at our comfort zones
while she mourns the dead bodies she keeps on reporting
In a world where there’s no importing, exporting and deporting
Where everyone is running away from a handshake
even if it’s coming from his/her namesake
We no longer want cupcake, fruitcake, milkshake or pancake
We care more for toilet paper, sensitizer and facemask

This is for the real Queen, who hasn’t run away from her duties
For the real Queen who sacrificed her comfort, health and life
For the real Queen who approaches the danger we are running away from
A warrior, fighter, mujahida
who stood still in front of the virus.
God be with you Queen.

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