Poet’s Path

Knock before you enter my room
Because it is scattered with papers at all time
But don’t be angry
That’s how poets do

If you see me scratching my head on the road
Under the scorching sun
Don’t be worried
That’s how poets do

If you hear me speaking to no one visible
I commune with my muse
Don’t be scared
That’s how poets do

If I choose to hold a pen
Against one with gun
Don’t think I’m stupid
That’s how poets do

If you find me staring at an empty sheet
Without putting down a word for hours
Don’t be confused
That’s how poets do

If you find me alone
Yet laughing out loud
Don’t be surprised
That’s how poets do

If you find me answer a puzzle
Beyond my age and education
Don’t be astonished
That’s how poets do

I have searched for that which differs
Why are we more special than our brothers?
Show me a poet
And you have seen a mad man

I used the Almighty Formula
I asked Google
I searched my shelves
I summoned my muse

Yet there is no answer
Is this my path now?
Make a beat with my muse
And I will dance like a mad man with my pen

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