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My Little City: Valentina; My Plague

I always kept a close eye on the boys, I had a lot to do, but they were my precious toys.

Well not toys in a sense, more like expensive gold, I was looking out for them, doing as I had been told.

I didn’t make it easy for them, but it was bearable so they had no reason to leave my little den. They were hatchlings and I the mother hen.

Do you ever have that feeling, that you’ve lived and enjoyed life, living for all there is to gain?

Then having gained it all, you’re left wondering, was it all mere grain.

I guess you haven’t, there are few who acquire it all. Just as there are few, who can boast of even building a mall.

So finally as a Damnatio, was the only one left unattached, I invite him in, not that he ever really had a choice, this was to be his golden dark inn.

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