I’m Not A Poet

I’m not a poet,
I’m so pained to be one.
I’m not a poet
Because poetry is a religion.

I’m not a poet
When I traveled six feet
To resurrect a spirit into words
And watch it command the universe.

I’m not a poet
When I’m refused roses
By the gentle gazelles of love
Sweltering on the boulevards
That leads me home, Africa.

I’m not a poet:
Poetry is bowel of depression;
I’ve committed suicide
Everyday of my life;
I’ve tied a rope round
My bejewelled neck of misery
Counting time till 12 o’clock.

I’m not a poet
Because I’m a weird ocean;
My lines are deeper
Than your secret
Full of hypocrisy
And shielded with integrity.

I’m not not a poet!
It makes me cry.

Right now,
I’m staring at Death
Placing me in between an anvil
And hammering on my tongue
To accept my new form.

If I become dead,
Remember that I’m not a poet;
Poets don’t die,
They become gods.

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