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I Shot A Flower

After what transpired between us five months ago, I tried to get over you countless times. There’s one time I thought I was over you, the day I lost my younger brother. At that time, I felt I lost everything including myself. I was wrong, you were still present in absentia.

That reminds me I shot the best shot, but ended up losing you yesternight. I can’t picture the next time we’re meeting in person, but I’ll pass you like a shooting star. You’ll wish to see me again but I’ll be long gone. I’d be smiling, remembering the happy moments we shared, but the pain of losing someone you didn’t truly own, when you thought you owned, will be my downfall.

“I like you by the way.” These words made me forget I was trying to get over you.

I became a fool in your eyes, but think about it, I knew I was a fool. Now you’re wondering what type of a guy I am, don’t. I blame myself for doing the little things for you that aroused my feelings. I feared to lose you ’cause I thought about my reputation, what will people say?

“He’s been dumped again.”

They all know we were dating but you and I know the truth, it’s just that you didn’t admit, you were still playing as I was dancing to your tune. Losing you is now a dream come true, I never thought I would want to let go after trying so hard.

“Promise me you’ll never leave.” You made me make promises I never thought I would make. I went out of my memory lane and did the impossibilities. Sometimes I stare at the moon glowing and wish the love I had for you would glow and let the whole world know we were meant to be.

My wish was never granted, you were a passing cloud, the world only saw the dim light. Today I’m walking in your shoes and I’m not fitting, ’cause I’m seeing how hard you tried not to love me and you did. I thought I was the only one who escapes reality.

Today I realized you escape reality too. You don’t want to let me go? You talked of fate, so let fate bring us together someday. Before I leave, know I’m leaving ’cause I love you. I’m leaving ’cause I know you don’t love me like I do despite all the efforts. Till fate bring us together, goodbye!

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