I like to pretend
Pretend that I’m happy
I like to plaster a smile on my face
To cover the dark traces of tears
I like to sing and dance
And make believe that I’m happy
I like to laugh,
It’s the greatest deception
Maybe if I pretend hard enough
Then it will become real
But you see,
There’s no lie that ever becomes the truth
Things wished for, things hoped for
It made me realize,
I am even sadder


I am sad
Sad about everything
Everything that concerns my life
Life of insecurities and fear.
Fear is ingrained deeply in my mind.
Mind you, I’m someone who likes to lie and pretend
Pretend that I am happy and free
Free from all the demons and nightmares
Nightmares that plague my every breath
Breath of falsehood and deception

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