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Àdédoyin, Let’s Fall In Love Again

Àdédoyin, Oyin Adé,
Aláwo dúdú—_
Omo iy’oni garri…

I know. I broke your heart,
And it affected our art…
Àdédoyin, let’s fall in love again.

I am no longer the dean
Of my thinking faculty.
I am crazy and
You’re the one with my sanity.

Gravity wasn’t the reason
I fell in love with you, but
How can I fall in love with you
When there’s no gravity in my space

Let me praise you with another tongue…

Ahafụkwalam chụwa
Onye ọzọ biko
A hụrụ m gị n’anya
Gbahara m asa m

Let’s unwind the hands of time
To when our love was the talk of the town…
When your soft caresses sent goosebumps all over my body,
As I grinned from ear to ear in ecstasy.

My strange addiction, exactly what the doctor prescribed.
A full lozenge. My drug.

Àdédoyin, I have enough sanitizer
For us to get dirty.
If this virus doesn’t take you out,
May I?

Ah, Àdédoyin..
Trust me,
Let me thrust you.
Our mockers shall be disgraced
In nine months time.

Oh! Let’s fall in love again.

Flourish Joshua ft.
Meka Wrights

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