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Ode to a Lost Soul

What’s death?

Someone says “you’re inevitable”
Maybe the price we give whether we are weak or able
Or the debt we owe and must be pay dearly
Pay with most precious gift of life clearly

For the existence of humanity is not a promise
The vanquish of all the sweet visions and dreams promised
The moment of you’re here in flesh
Then yanked away from our mesh

With pain, I painted this with my ink and blood
Blank space of heart filled with dud and flood
Shock of you’ll never leave without message
But you left without a trace of presage

Like losing a whole, my heart wallow in anguish and sorrow
For all the fame and stars is borrowed
A debt that must be paid with tears
For dust of humanity wanes in thin air

I tear the ocean, drown myself in my tiny world
For you left like a sheep without a ward
Forever, we promise always and forever
For now I realize nothing last forever

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