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My Little City: Valentina

My name is Valentina, if you knew me well, then you’d know I was far from the likes of a ballerina

I don’t know, if this is my real name, but I never really cared, I could still dish out maim

Unfortunately, in my world love was a joke, I didn’t need it, I never did, still one could wish, but I had worse fears—being broke

I don’t think any one knows my age, that is, of those still alive

I was turning out to be that elusive mage I used to read about, when I was five

I ruled my den with ruthlessness, I guess that was the only way to not make a mess, and ensure my subordinates truthfulness.

I knew the boys, back at third alley, well it was sort of my job to look after them

But they didn’t know that, not yet anyway, they lived in my little den

They didn’t know it but, Marcus didn’t just get put on the local team after a few tryouts,

Neither did Felix, his cooking was no knockout, this was my domain, all obeyed.

All that remained was Damnatio, well I had other plans for him, plans that I hoped would pay

There was no longer time for delay…

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