Love Isn’t

Love isn’t the beautiful moments you watch in those movie scenes
or that Aboki boy with an Igbo girl chopping beans
not even Mallam Ibrahim signaling Khadija in a canteen
Love isn’t the sacrifice you make by carrying over a course at the office of the dean
Or saying I love you to that girl you’ve been crushing on since eighteen
not even shouting at the top of your voice “my love for you no get vaccine”

Soyyaya ba wai ka kwana kana ciwon zuciya
So ba wai kaxo kanayimata dadin baki kaman Dan jami ‘a
ko ka kwana kana ta sa ta dariya
الحب ليس كما تظن
في الحب،هنك كثير من الخزن
استعد ان تقفز من فوق الجبال
Love isn’t when Romeo and Juliet both took poison
not even when Jack died for Rose in Titanic
Love is not giving up even when dead.

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