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Kidnapper of Lolita

Dear Lolita, my darling,

That this letter will be my last words to you across the Italian borders, is still but a fallacy to me. Presently, you need to see how tears of sorrows, of loneliness and anguish have tossed me into a pit of an overwhelming pain. But I won’t dare to escape from this pit even if it desires to release me from its strong hold. Never will I do such a thing, for I will go on to remain stuck in it until the creator of the universe hearkens to the voice of a poor lonely lover and attends to that one question of mine.

Why must it be Lolita, my darling?

On the other hand, Loli, I should have to blame you also. I mean… how could you have succumbed to their crazy reports by leaving me behind? And now that you’re forcing me to do the same, it’s clearly a thing of sorrow that would be continued in our next life. This, however, is why I won’t cease allowing my heart in its shattered and tragic silhouette; since you have preferred to keep me at a verge of recalling the colossal vacuum your absence have created.

Lolita, even if a pitiful soul should come by to fill this vacuum, you must know that your place in my heart will forever be irreplaceable. I have tried to let go. Yes, I have in many times. But no matter how hard, I still couldn’t help but reflecting on the issues behind your demise. Please don’t even dare to block my coming, for there’s absolutely nothing here for me anymore. And from the look of things, there may likely be no earth any time soon. Yes, because the kidnapper who is now the ruler, is yet to tender her ransom for the release of humanity from its dreadful grip. And forthwith, it is scary that thousands perish each day in their cage of hostage called Quarantine Centers!

Oh, Lolita, if I had known you would be among the kidnapped, I wouldn’t have permitted your return to Italy. That very night I heard you’ve been abducted created a mauling wound at a corner of my head. And it is this kind that is always difficult to cure.

I was about to doze off that night, when I threw a sleepy glance on your WhatsApp status only for my sleep to be nabbed off my eyes. Then my eyelashes had blinked sharply and the back of palm wiped my face roughly. I tried to cast out a veil of confusion that seemed to be threatening my visual. Horror stared at my face, for what I saw and read on your status shattered my sleepy head.

How come you are in Italy and you’re having a slight fever, Lolita? Why you?

I had cursed beneath my beards that it shouldn’t be what I was thinking— that it shouldn’t be a fever of this particular virus they speak of, which is now the unforeseen kidnapper of the universe, trapping it underneath her bosom without even a crave for a ransom? I had prayed all through that night, sweating profusely and showing some remorseful gymnastics for God to see that my prayers were no longer of a sinner.

For your sake, Lolita. I had also declared a three-day fasting and payers, refusing to see the gentle glow of the sunlight in my lanky feeble bones and shattered dying heart. But my head had wracked with fear when I read your status two days later and saw that you have started to have a cough amidst the fever, and you were also having difficulty in breathing but you were yet to start sneezing which completes the symptoms of this volatile virus.

Oh, my Lolita have suffered!

I had bawled like a kid that morning rolling and whimpering for God’s mercy just for your sake. My mind was so frozen that I didn’t even remember that I might also be kidnapped since the kidnappers is taking tours across the nations of the earth.

The worst overshadowed me on the third day of my fasting, when I learned that you have left me in cold grip of death. Oh my love, I had wanted you to stay a little longer until I was done with the spiritual exercise. Perhaps God in His infinite mercy would have come for your rescue. My cries got intensified seeing that you are no more, and I kept blaming that freaky kidnapper of humanity they have now nicknamed Covid-19. I started swearing with my life from that day onwards to take my revenge on her, but not until yesterday when I received a call from Grandma.

She had gone to your room to have a feel of your ever greasing love only to be baffled by the note she found at the edge of your bed.

Oh, Lolita! So it wasn’t even the kidnapper that took you away from me? How could you have done this to me, my darling? How could you have ended it that way because they said you have the symptoms?

How could you have believed their own reports when God was preparing His for us? Now, I should say you’ve made my prayers and fasting to become a vain effort, and you almost made me mutter that God doesn’t answer prayers anymore.

Be that as it may, my love, always await my arrival, for I know that the earth is never a permanent home for mortals.

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