Inspired By The Situation

What happens when my ship stands still
Thinking it’s a gliche in the engine
Yet nothing seems amiss
And my crew begins to mourn

Every now and then bodies are thrown into the sea
Pirates use this opportunity to rob us
Seasickness, I suppose but it’s not to be
My crew thinks it’s a curse

Now I’m torn apart
Caught between two worlds unknown
Is it from a dog or a cat?
I do not know
The person that brought this curse can I condone?

Who will be my Jonah?
Who should be thrown?
Is it you, sir or ma?
I cannot say ‘ah’
Is the curse shaped like a cone?

Not yet found is the solution
We are living now in self-isolation
What we need to do is to practice contrition
In order to alleviate our condition

Imagine what good could be achieved in this condition
For the elderly we show compassion
We turn back to the main captain who is always in action
Hoping that all this is just an illusion

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