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Heart Ripper

Adorned with all the wonderful treasures
life can give.
Always looking glorious and a sight to behold.

Everyone craves my attention
which makes others desire to be just like me.

Oozing confidence and strength
on the outside makes people tremble wherever I step.

It all sounds great, right?
If only one can look closer and
deeper beyond to see that
this is a façade I put on
to hide my ripped heart.

Yes, my heart is ripped into pieces.

All I feel is bitterness, anguish, hopelessness.
My pillows are scared often
because I drown them in
my pool of tears every night.

I blame myself,
You know why?

I show care and
I get resentment instead.

I sacrificed everything I had to
those who in dire need and
still I got disgraced.

But it’s all part of life,
I will still continue to put on this façade.

You might be wondering,
Because I am already a living dead.

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