Speak of Elegance
Speak of outstanding beauty
Talk of the one million glances she gets
Be reminded of her powerful presence
Even as I speak of her, my heart adores her
When she walks into the room, it becomes a freeze
She is a commander of her sphere, a military general
Only the fiercest of men stand as her colleague
Her level of intelligence seals the mouth of dumb men
Every other lady wonders how she rose above femininity
But no one dares question this lion, no one dare call her a lioness
Everyone humbles themselves and gives her the respect her presence demands
She has carved herself into the goddess of her world
And in this her world, no man or mentality stands against their goddess
All hail the woman in total control of herself! Who knows how to calm her spirit.
Who stands against the tides of earth! A true feminist who knows humility.
This is who I define as a true goddess, the kind a god like me would court!

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