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Calm as the blue sea,
Sparkling like the full moon in the Sky,
Gentle as the dove,
Your beauty amazed all men

Muscles tainted and torso tempting me,
Hair so dark like the raven’s feathers,
Eyes that leave females breathless,
Teeth white as the snow,
Lips that I craved so much to kiss,
I’m waiting in my chamber for you to take me away

Let me show you what’s called Love,6
Tell me what to do,
Your pale skin fairer than the Maidens in town,
Let’s watch the sky together and speak of our love,
Kissing under the protection of the Moon

Wherever you go, I go with you,
I’m breathless without you,
Let me feel you and laugh the hell out,
Make my body ripen with your touches,
I’m yours forever just as you are mine,
O Beloved

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