If words were humans
Life’s meaning would be devoid of ambiguities
Clear as day
Emotions defined
With feelings duly expressed
Life will be bereft of puzzles.

If words were the world’s currency
Brain would drill the order of the day
Intellect over handiwork
Orators become celebrities
Creative writing and poetry
The rave for eons.

If I could gift you words
It would be lyrics
With nature’s melody
From a philomel’s beak
Conveying your terrors
And our souls connect.

I’d pen your journey to the land you dread
Your defiance of comfort and dare to the wind
Your hustle, your pain, your shattered wings
That opens still as the skies you reach.
The love you lost and the road you trudge
Will make beauty on a tree’s family.

If a word is the world’s spark
It could turn to a wildfire
Spreading deep into the hearts of men
And crushing down empires.
I could bring you words like roses
Or turn a tip to a sword’s death blade.

Maryann Matthew


Pierre Ijioma

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