Like the Sahara desert
Coerced of fluid
Water becomes an apathy

Hunger possesses my mouth
Stomach grunting for edibles
Travelling through an arid land

Soul dying
Heart on a blade of fire
Mind grinded on the path of iron
Body bathed in the pool of flame

In dismay lies my body
Spirit travelling the road of discomfort
Reasoning fading into the depth of darkness
Sense accommodating void

Amidst the tsunami of misery
My spirit saw the white product of a tree
Lying helplessly on the road of discomfort
With love and passion I flipped it open

And behold
From it evolved the tree of life
Like a free prisoner it matured
Developing its inner power

Live, strength and hope
It breathed into me
And I became whole
By the tree of life amidst the product of a tree

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