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Mothers have lost sons under the sun Fathers still searching for daughters gone with the flowing waters
Measures have been put into plans and multi-billion dollar projects undertaken
The nation is full of fear, being misled by the same people amongst our midst were chosen “our own people”
panic stricken, the same people selling the panic are the same ones selling the pill

Ghettoes on their knees and humanity diagnosed ill,
my enthusiasm wanes and all my thoughts go in vain, I cannot think of how to go through these thoughts

The labour is no longer available
It is no longer safe to be seen outside
So we stay locked in cells on our phones
Curfews that last more than our days to day nine to five
Staying hidden to remain alive
The remedies are praying frequently like messiah is descending
Simple steps of overall hygiene and never wiping the windows to your soul
For the consequences of not are foul

There isn’t anywhere to run
This a battle of survival and isn’t that of the gun
The pandemic is fair and just wielding a double-edged sword slaying both the young and old
Wiping the world leaving behind the vulnerable with stories untold
Behold, here comes the cleaner of the world
Reminding folks to keep their knees in contact with the floor
Chanting and sending supplications
so from all the corners of the world the heavens receive submissions

Ghosting towns and drowning business
Instead of fresh green Mama Mboga Kibanda is yellow and unattended
She died of the beatings from the Askaris that came to enforce the law,
sacrificing himself to the pandemic to protect his boss
The children at home nearly dying, not knowing of their loss

So we leave one day at a time,
hoping we are ready for Mother Earth’s wrath
And when the day comes, we’ll be of worth
Survival is not for the fittest for when the pandemic strikes, we all feel its warmth

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