Lost Love

Let it be known that I loved you
Your rugged self wasn’t an excuse not to hold the hands that held cigarettes, even when my friends saw it unfair to love you in such a state.
I loved your imperfections,
I saw heaven in your sinning ways.
How you did cheat with me looking away?
It hurt.

Let it be known that I tried to keep it
To show you how strong of a woman I was, but it wasn’t easy for me to father a child in my feminine place.
I cried as I watched it flush away by injections,
Pills that gave me pain day and night.
I ached.

Let it be known that I would have returned to you
I would have run back to you, falling in your arms to cry deeply of how weak and miserable I felt.
How I didn’t want to lose you after losing a child I didn’t get to know.
How my heart sought your love to heal me.
I tried.

But you see, my love doesn’t include letting go of a tiny being.
You failed us, me.
You failed love as a whole.

Love is one,
And one is us.

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