Innocent Face

This image turns my page when I was on the cage… proved me innocent

Please trust me again, are you not seeing the truth in my face?
Face without tribal marks, face free from guilt but have committed limitless…

In the prison yard, none trusted my face

At this juncture, I will run the race with no debate
Left alone at the river side with grace

Don’t force to figure the event that brought me this far, because I have a faith…

With this my face… I can’t bounce in a case
That will fade my name into fake

Affidavit mustn’t be taken before my originality will recommend to be the same
I’m not sane

I started the journey at the mid gate locked with two heavy high metal chains…

With the wounds and pains
I torn my brain apart where I hide the stolen pens

None trusted me again,,,
Because they saw it with their two lenses

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