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Corona Virus

Death is looming over the land.
Anguish, fear, panic is the order of the day.

Everything is withering away.
Everyone is searching
for some sort of comfort yet none.

Hoplessness is waiting
like a predator to consume us.

Helplessness is in action.
Everywhere is dark and solemn.

We are at war with ourselves.
I’m not sure of you,
whether to touch or to hug you.

You know
what my nerves keep discussing?
what they say
about you the moment I see you?

I know of what
they call involuntary actions,
but cough in my presence
and you will feel my absence.

Sneeze is no excuse
either when you tell me “excuse me”.

Sorry I won’t “bless you”
For there’s a
wicked guy close to us all.
one who comes
in the form of droplets.

One who’s ready
to fight the soldiers within us
and have us six feet deep in the earth.

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