Colours of Music

Musical hues
all around us,
painting everyday
with precious sounds.

Sounds of rainbow,
of prismatic rays;
to cheer the downhearted
and quieten the disturbed.

Sounds of red,
tenderly warm.
Melting the heart
with love and care.

Sounds of green,
fresh and lively.
Rocking the soul
with gleeful vibes.

Sounds of blue,
quiet as the sea.
Filling the soul
with peace untold.

Sounds of yellow,
of flame and fire.
Stirring the soul
to unleash its best.

Sounds of black,
of heavy metal.
Guiding the soul
into sweet rebellion.

Sounds of white,
of celestial fun.
Spurring the soul
to seek a savior.

Sounds of violet
of nobility and royalty.
Treating the soul
with courtesy and etiquette.

Sounds of indigo
of fame and name.
Speeding the soul
to conquer the world.

Wow! It is a nice day
to sing aloud songs
in the beauty of their colours
And glow in the colours of music.

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