Young Man

Young man, they called
We see a strength in you
Propelled by the visions in you
But we don’t know what has come over you.

You grew wings to fly
But those wings were clipped
By the ambitions you had
They were not realities of your present condition.

Young Man, we saw strength in you
But that strength got spilled
Over pleasures that did not last
On the enticing laps of a Delilah.

Young Man, we saw wisdom in you
But those wisdom got smoked away
Over some wraps of hemp
That did not help you get a clearer picture
Of your future destination.

Young man, we’ve waited for you to bring to reality
Those promises that were made
When you were pushed forth to this world
We’ve waited long enough but the star have not yet shined.

But our lamps are still lit, yes.
Our hopes are not dashed yet
Because like Samson, you still have one more strength left
To bring rest to a world that has waited for your rise.

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