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My Father’s Nickname

We were watching the movie when the sex scene came up. He was angered. He stood up immediately and walked out of the sitting room. I was a little bit curious about his action. I switched off the television and followed him outside.

There he was, hitting his hands on the wall. Blood was already coming out. I was taken aback by the view. I rushed up to him. But he pushed me away and I nearly hit my head against the wall.

I stood there watching him. I was scared myself because I didn’t know the reason for his sudden behavior. I have known him. Close friends we’ve e been for a month now but haven’t seen this side of him.

“Bastards! Bastards!” he kept shouting.

He looked up sharply at me. He was sweating heavily, and he walked up to me. I was trembling where I was; I was afraid. He was in an insane state.

He reached where I was and dropped down to my feet, this time crying uncontrollably. I was really confused.

“What is it?” I asked with tears clouding my eyes.

He looked at me and muttered, “Those bastards made me sleep with my mother. They pointed the gun towards my mother and I, and made us have sex with each other.”

I was shocked and at the same time confused.

“Who are they?” I asked stuttering.

“Years ago, armed robbers had broken into our house. I was home with mother that day. They forced me to sleep with my her. I was only eighteen then.” He paused and stared hard at me.

“I clearly remember one of the gang’s name. He was called ‘Konga China.’

Immediately I heard the name, my hands became numb. I was shocked.
I looked at my friend and my heart raced.

That was my father’s nickname.

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