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Haunted Nightmares

She stared into his black eyes, all she saw was death, like the gates of hell reflected in his dark gaze.

She wanted to run, but she couldn’t feel her feet, wanted to scream but her voice desserted her. It was like all the muscles in her fragile body were on vacation.

She watched in horror as he walked towards her. His gait like that of a dreadful killer. He counted his steps as he walked towards her. She could hear her heart racing.

In an instant he was upon her. How he managed to bypass the gap between them in a flash, she couldn’t imagine. She saw his mouth widen, his teeth were like nothing she had ever seen. But she never felt the bite.

Karen awoke in a daze, soaked in sweat. The echo in the dark night told her that she had just screamed out loud. “Thank goodness it’s only a dream,” she said with a sigh of relief amidst horrified eyes.

“No, it’s not,” a voice replied sharply from behind.

She turned gently. First she saw the dark silhouette flapping by the corner of the window, then she heard the slow and steady breathing. And when she looked up, there he was with the devil’s eyes, piercing her soul with his demonic gaze.

She looked around. Only then did it dawn on her that she wasn’t in her room.

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