Go On

Go On

Go on
Throw ’em rocks
Fling those tomatoes
Burst ’em eggs
Pour ’em all
Do all that

Stink me up
I’ve grown accustomed to the foulness
I’ve adjusted,
Now I’m on the brink
So throw ’em words,
Make sure they hold water

Paint me dirty
Like da Vinci on cheap weed
Use the black canvass often
Stroke me, sharp and without emotions,
Like a rapist in an hurry to find release and elude justice

Outline me ugly
Like Michelangelo on potent crack
Tell them, how vile I fare
How my eyes speak of evil
How I don’t need to speak
to spell doom

Make sure to spit venom,
effective, second only to the black mamba
Tell whoever cares to listen
how bad I can get
Let them feel my vileness from your tongue

Curse me, till your voice goes coarse.
Scream my name
from the highest building
Cry to mother earth

I’ll be here,
chill as ice,
sipping martini
and counting my heartbeats
It sounds different
It feels like what flying feels like,
dipping and yet soaring
skipping and yet jumping

I did what was best for me.

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