Beside the valley of Akanu
Near the rivers of Isiugwu
Across the mountains of Asaga
Underneath the grasses of Ebem

Notwithstanding the chaos
In the midst of the noise
Lies a tiny voice

A voice that ceases the ear
Kidnaps the heart
Gladens those that hits it
And possesses the feet

A voice heard by the adult
Interpreted by children
Understood by the infants
And recited by our forefathers

A voice of the dumb
Feet of the lame
Eyes of the blind
Ears of the deaf

Search for me in the wonders of Okon
Through the beautiful land of Amaekpu
The gardens of Elu
And the waterfalls of Abia

But who am I?
Am I the microphone?
Far be that I be used to lie
For in-between a man’s leg I lie
I am the Ohafia Drum

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