Dear Black Brother

Dear Black Brother

Dear black brother
What time is it there?
You never call, you never write
What new mistress reigns that you’ve no time to spare?
Dear black brother, all the way across the Atlantic
Do you recall still; when for a green card and greener pastures, your praying was frantic?

Dear black brother
Now your enemy dons a new name, a new face, a new color
While ours remains the multi-faced reflections of a shattered mirror
And daily we relive the throes of having a blight share skin like ours
A bald scalp like our father’s, and a belly robust enough to rival our mother’s

Dear black brother
Still we flee from bullets—ours are masked, yours wear blue—
And adorn the tarmac; our numbers the furthest thing from few
But did you say you checked for the price of our lives on a toe tag?
Dear black brother, we don’t know what that is!
The only autopsy done here is by the slashing tongues of fishwives at clan meetings
And the post mortem results laid out on the center spread of our burial brochures.

Dear black brother
I know your wish is to give life before getting it
But dear black brother, life for us is a sentence too
A badly written one without punctuations where due
But you have your hope to keep you company behind bars
While ours is wrapped in a four-year lie, a farce.

Dear black brother
You no longer see me when you look in the mirror
Because now your hair is curly and your skin, the hue of honey
Dear black brother, miles from where you belong
When in the old dialect Mother queries your return
Will you trip over your tongue?

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