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Damnatio; The Lies

So I didn’t resist, big deal
It wasn’t as if I was a dog responding to the instruction, kneel
But it did create a problem, like I said earlier, we weren’t a bad bunch, but she was.
Not in the size of a pogrom, but big nonetheless and it wasn’t just a hunch
I stopped being a home buddy, in fact, I was almost always the last to get home
For sometime, I lied of course, but what was I to say? I wasn’t giving baths to gnomes
So I came out with it, I was making more money, I was getting a life…
But I was doing it under the gal named Val
Marcus took it better, I’m pretty sure he had ideas on the subject earlier
But Felix almost choked, he said he understood my wanting to do more, me being a regular earner.
Well, I knew he didn’t, so when Marc got us both to shut up, I spilled everything
Well, at least the things they would tolerate about others, for no they wouldn’t be hearing anything…

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