Women’s Day

The creation of the perfection created by the creator.
In her, all life comes alive to live a life worthy of a memorable live.
The salt that sweetening a life beyond the sweetness of any sweet “candy”.

To be candid, a day without a woman will be a “woe-man” day, doming every being that being without a woman.

The strongest that ayond the weaker vessels, vested in a beauteous shape of life that shaped all lives.

Undefeated, undisputed, undiluted,
Ever courage, the courageous, ever caring, the one who cares with her dripping tears yet, uncrackable wall that wall against all war.

Her voice, peace and comfort to a soul.
Her face, a beauty far beyond invaluable valueless beauty.
Her walk, glorious to the path of honor and glory.

Everyday for very day is a woman day to avoid a woe-man day.


This work is dedicated to every woman out there to celebrate International Women’s Day. You’re the best.

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