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Staying Safe

Staying safe is my wish for you my friend
In times like this I wish you well
I wish to see you at the very end
After we have no Covid-19 story to tell

As you strive to be safe
Remember your safety is tied to mine
Whether you checked into the cafe
Or at the mall to get some french wine.

Friend, to stay safe is you staying alive
Alive to continue the struggle
Till angry Covid-19 rests its strife
and our Joy can be again double

Doctors have asked us to keep some distance
Not to stay farther away
But to continue living at every instance
Till this monster is kept at bay.

Doctors asked us to cover when we sneeze
It’s for you and I to be at ease
To avoid the hand shake
Lest our health would be at stake.

Dear friend, don’t ignore the news
For it reminds us of the reality
For many still live in fiction and blues
and some in their naivety

To isolate is not you being abnormal
But you keeping your loved ones smiling
and family ties remaining normal
Till the dailies record no Covid-19 citing.

I believe we can scale through this together.

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