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No To Drugs

There she seats holding up the knife, staring at it as if it were something captivating, or a strange amusing object which she hadn’t seen before.

Oh, how she wishes she could rewind the hands of time, how she wishes she could go back and correct her wrongs.

She still recalls her mother’s warnings, the pains of her father’s beating she still feels.
Her friend’s advice still moves about in her ears haunting her and tormenting her very soul. If only she had listened.

But it’s not her fault, she thought,
They we’re inviting and intoxicating.
Each time she took them, she got so high, and feel she can do anything, even the impossible.

They gave her the voice she didn’t have,
The attention she couldn’t get, she got from them.
The strength she lacked, she got.
Gradually the good, quiet and gentle side began to wade off like a dying flower kept away from sunlight and water.
Then like a viper prancing in attack, the bad, noisy and wild side erupted.

Weed became her appetizer,
Cocaine became her main dish,
Alcohol became her desserts.
So deep into the web of drugs did she sink, that she became a shadow of herself.
Even her shadow couldn’t recognize her anymore.
It was that bad.

The day she heard the news became her doomsday,
The doctor’s report sounded like a death sentence.
“Your liver has been deadly affected by the drugs, you have just three months to live.”

Her eyes were wide opened, yet things became blur,
Her ears eager to listen, but all she heard was echoes.
She moved her mouths to speak, but no sound could come out.
So this is it, this is where she bows to the world and bade goodbye.

“Why bear this burden for three months when I can just end it all here and now?” she said.
And with a thrust, she drove the knife into her heart.

And there was darkness.

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