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Dr Ngene manoeuvred through the heavy traffic along the Lagos Ibadan expressway with great joy for the memories of yesterday and enthusiasm for the adventure of today. The memories of yesterday night with Amaka flooded his mind like a volcano and almost caused an unwanted ejaculation. She must have been sent by an angel, he mused. Despite her tender age, she was experienced in the act.

Dr Ngene was a paedophile, he hated having sex with matured ladies, he argued they were rigid and didn’t allow for enough adventure. But the young one’s, preferably 16, were easy to control and allowed for enough adventure. He remembered the firm but succulent breast of Ujunwa, the painful moans of Adaobi, and a wicked smile appeared on his ugly oval-shaped face. Dr Ngene alighted from his car, the brothel was certainly full of activities, and he was sure he was in for a pleasurable night.

He quickly made the neccessary payments and went into the room he paid for. Already a young girl was sitting at the edge of the bed, but the dimly lit room made it impossible for Dr Ngene to take proper recognition of the face. Who cares? He was not there to recognize faces.

“What is your name?” Dr Ngene asked the innocent looking young girl on getting to the room.

“My name is Nkiru,” the girl replied obliviously shy of looking Dr Ngene in the eye. That was the only question that mattered, he was here for pleasure and not any formality. She was his number 7 for the past week, it was a daily routine.

“Sir! It’s painful!” the girl screamed as Dr Ngene entered her. Unknown to her, such sounds brought the devil out of the doctor. His movement became faster and forceful.

“My legs are arching sir! I have not done this before! I’m a virgin!” the girl screamed the more choking up in tears.

Seventeen minutes later, Dr Ngene was on the bed panting like a man who had escaped the hot chase of an lion. At that moment, Dr Ngene switched on the lamp on the desk close to the bed and got the shock of his life. Right beside him on a blood-stained bed was his daughter whom he had sent to stay with his mother at age eight after his wife died of cancer.

He was stuck on the bed, lips moving but no sound escaping from the countless movements of the lips. At that moment, he realized that nemesis had just caught up with him.

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