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Let’s Get Lost Àdùnní

Let’s get lost together—
Amidst the jungles of romance,
Let the seekers search and never find us,
Let’s climb up to the mountain top—
Close to the blue carpet sky,
And shout playfully to the strong breeze.

Let’s sneak into a wolf’s cave together
And play with its cubs—
Let’s run around a blue sentimental lagoon
And swim playing with the colorful fishes inside.

Let’s run to the hilly fields at night—
Where colourful flowers blends with the greeny leaves,
Let’s lie on our back and face the full moon,
Up in the dark skies,
Let’s count the stars together and laugh at each other as we miscount the shiny diamonds.

Let’s adventure into the great JUMANJI,
Let’s search for the jaguar’s eye together,
Let’s die in the game and come back to life again, off from the skies—
Let’s make a camp fire and sit beside while I tell you the tales of love as you sleep on my shoulder.

Aládùnní tèminìkan;
Let’s journey on a fluffy bed of pleasure,
Let me kiss your pain away,
While you stay rolled into my arms like a baby,
Let’s get lost in this maze of love—
Let the seekers seek,
And they’ll never find us!

Let’s Go Arẹmu

Aremu your love has made me whole.
When I think I was alone.
Your love has painted my sky with its different color.

Follow me to my mother’s house
As she gives you her blessings
Follow me to oko bami as you chew kolanut to talk about me.

I won’t be the city girl in your home.
Humbly I will be your iyawo.
I will drink from your cup of love.
And smile as you tell tales of past ololufe.

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