Let Us Pray

For the many nameless heroes who gave us an identity,
Those whose blood was the price spilled in utter cruelty,
Founding fathers denied their rightful longevity,
In passionate quest for a better humanity,
They refused to bend their battered backs to the white man’s insanity,
For them whose pounds of flesh bought back our nativity,
Let us pray.

At first sight of freedom, our hungry selves saw the land as a great bounty,
Clouded immensely with greed, men divided themselves portions for a surety,
Slowly but steadily, we ripped apart our national unity,
Coup after coup, rule after rule, and more innocent blood trailed this ‘hatred’ party,
Abandoning national development, leaders became a herd power-thirsty.
For the six decades past and our homeland remains an oddity,
Let us pray.

For the runaway fathers who fled to rid themselves of responsibility,
Mothers denying suckling babes their food ‘cause they’re now saddled with the money-making activity,
Our young daughters brandishing their succulent tools shamelessly for lo it’s become a lucrative commodity,
And the young men with their insatiable desire for quick wealth and so are notable for world-class criminality,
Let us pray.

Oh, like dead leaves around a baobab, our rich heritage has lost its original beauty,
As with the vultures and bloody carcasses so have we exposed our nudity,
Once Africa’s giant country, now we crouch stripped of all dainty,
I appreciate the large population but I think we’d be better off with less density,
Now that it seems impossible to get rid of this ridiculous superfluity,
Let us pray.

Look my friend, this is a time of painless adversity,
Where an average man might die of poverty,
From having no purse to feed from or lack of connectivity,
For the youthful dream which fades due to futility,
And the old man’s regrets because he’s achieved nothing with his ability,
Let us pray.

When I say pray I don’t mean the meaningless repitivity,
I’m only a timely truthsayer born to speak words of piety,
We pray when we cheat not our brother of the right quantity,
We pray by letting true love lead this entity,
Burning to ashes our garments of non-chastity,
Scrubbing our lips free from impurity,
And presenting our actions on the altar of accountability,
This is how we ought to pray so,
Let us pray.

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