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Dome of Anarchy

Order! Order! Order!
cried the ones in disorder.
We gave confusion a warmth embrace
and jubilate amidst disgrace.

All moving in different directions
claiming to find luxury in desolation.
With repugnance to corrections
we rejected every upright consolation.

“The law is our guardian,” said the lawmakers,
but with contempt and derision
the law is treated as a common criminal,
and a voiceless enemy.

With creeds outplayed,
precepts downplayed,
and outlaws well paid;
the law is a myth for ridicule.

The doctrine of lawlessness
rests on every heart of freedom.
And the lawless claims righteousness,
as anarchy reigns in the kingdom.

Debauchery on every side,
Treachery freely abide.
The way forward is backward
and everything that glows is awkward.

The constitution is corruption
and prostitution is an occupation.
The innocent is the affected,
without their consent they’re aborted.

Whether it is wrong or yes,
many do what is right in their eyes.
Publicly praising the law,
secretly they tear it apart.

What is left of the law
is crumbs and debris.
Oh! Self-poisoned freedom
and she laid paralysed with lawlessness.

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