Born With Fire

I was born with my soul on fire
I spit fiery words that they dread
And at the end of the day, when they retire
They reminisce and wish they were dead,

I was born with fire in my legs
I kick the rumps of insolent retards
Drink off their fear like they’re in wine kegs
Serves them right for all they’ve bittered,

I was born with fingers of fire
I manacled pain with ropes
The pain of the those in dire
But my rope was woven with worthy hopes,

I was born with fire in my eyes
My vision’s as sharp as lightning
I see through you and find the hidden lies
My intense stare left people cowering,

I was born with my ears cackling and fiery
I heard the spirits as they whispered
My tympanic tissues, receptors of all eerie
Every sound, flick, everything that fluttered,

I was born with fire on my head
Infinitely burning like a fuelled cauldron
It was like nothing ever heard
Inert with nature’s knowledge that’s forlorn,

I was born with my body on fire
Dripping with little tongues of myself
The clash with fate put me in a mire
Now it’s like I’m just on a shelf.

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