The Corona Message

Corona Message by Princewill 👁️ on ZenPens

Everyone take a minute to pray
Mr. Corona has made humans his prey
This is no joke, it’s not a child’s play
His evil blessings are fast and easy to relay

He visits the good and the bad
The happy and the sad
The lass and the lad
Take caution today, so you don’t wish you had

Let’s do a quick retake
This was all man’s mistake
Some saw it as a piece of cake
Now everyone’s adrenaline is constantly awake

Many are dead, more are dying
Many are sick and are crying
In quarantine, they’re lying
With tearful eyes and gloomy faces, they’re sighing

Like the black death, it has brought many termination
Keep aside prosperity, it’s time for salvation
It calls not just for hand but for heart sanitization
Bow your heads and pray for the world and our nation

For doctors cure, but God is the Healer
Scientists discover, but God is the Revealer
Though Mr. Corona thinks he’s a deadly killer
He’ll bow before God, the almighty sovereign pillar

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