Natural Miasma

What else is fair
if the atmosphere is in despair?
The sun rises in anger to grace another torrid day.
The leaves shiver in fear from the daylight hot breeze.
Every life form wakes with annoyance from non-causal response to nature.
Dryness kisses the land with compulsive lips of heat.
Cursed seemed to be everything the sun touches: the sea, the trees, the sand…
And nature grimaces in pain as her connection is severed from her creation.
Each thunderstorm heralds catastrophe and the accompanying rainfall announces disasters.
Chaos is the daily sound that greets the ears of the world.

From the mountain top to the valley deep,
all living flesh creates their destruction from illusions.
Measures dropping,
pressures cropping…
Alas, nature is silent.
And havoc fine-tuned the trend.
Random choices deepen the mayhem that came with regular stride of disarray.
With the rise of entropic locations,
artificial drones replaced the natural ones.
And it was a major milestone,
until bio-weapons and humanity extermination rapidly spread.
With control dethroned and chaos in power, whatever is left is just a relic.

Burning cosmos with cataclysmic uprising…
there is no more intergalactic synergy.
Everything that once stayed together is falling apart.
And the unnatural became the mainstay of our existence.
Dauntingly unstable, humanity is out of synch with nature and whatever we do is a dead end.
Routines turned sour as the meltdown increase every hour.

Alas! Nature finally got a charisma from her miasma.

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