My Thoughts

My thoughts, my secrets.
Through the thought of my thought,
Caught myself in a web of daunt.
It has no lips yet, it speaketh louder.
The silent voice that directs my ladder.

My thought, my path.
Lame entity that travel ayond all ages.
Beyond enslave eras of bondage and cages.
Travel far wide of east, south, west and northing.
Reflection of my destination hope of something.

My thought, my foe.
The thought that taught me to be selfish.
Ocean that sink my boat during fishing.
Draw me to myself to be in desolation.
Makes me seen different in isolation

My thought, my voice.
From the inner thought of my thought I “will” this.
The glut plots that pilot my thought to “ink” this…
Like an armor in warrior’s hand, it shielded me against self destruction.
Open my vision to project ayont illusion of elusion.

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