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My Little City: Damnatio; The Well

Right about now, I know what might think
But do not be deceived, she’s nothing compared to the colour, pink
Yes, me and my brothers got it tough
But we got on fine, we were alive, we understood, the meaning of rough
I mean, Marc was going for football tryouts, he was good, his skills weren’t Just a hi and a five
In the mean time, I and Felix got about doing small jobs
Then we found out he was a good cook, so he got hooked with those dudes cooking lobs so I was left alone for most of the time
I was doing my part, you know making some dimes
But I didn’t feel I was doing enough
They were making dough and getting a life, I was catching colds and managing coughs
I felt useless, so I couldn’t really say no when she called the underground, knew the lady disguised with such a beautiful name
I just hoped that, what I was going into, I wouldn’t come out lame…

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