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Lowering The Gun

I’ll kill her.

Gave her my heart and all she did was hide it in her trash bin. If I had the chance to walk through her mind, I know I’ll see millions of closets. All closets filled with dirty secrets, dirty games, games of toying with love-filled hearts.

But now I’m done with it, she’s taken this game too far.

I was sitting patiently in my black SUV, waiting like predator for its prey. It was 10:33 pm, she was using the ATM while I stalked from a distance.
I checked my 4.25 mm Liliput (4.25 mm Erika) rimless pistol again, just one bullet left. At least, a shot to the head would do. She deserves it.
Just as she left the machine, I followed suit. She made a bend into a dark alley and I smirked, believing that was a good place to let it go down.

I pulled down my hood as I accosted her. At the sight of my face, she pulled me into an embrace. And then, she gave me a deep and intense kiss. It felt like outer space. Everything was still for a while. Sparks filled my head. My limbs went numb. I tried to pull out my pistol, but then, I stuck it back in.
How can this be? This shouldn’t be…


Here I am in bed with her, in her house. It’s morning already. She’s sleeping so soundly, so serene. I found myself contemplating how to broach the topic of last night’s happening.

Why did it have to turn out this way. A spot for her was rekindling. Maybe she wasn’t that bad after all.

I just laid there, a confused man.

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