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Love Triangle

It was evening. The clouds had cried out a million raindrops; everywhere was as cold as ice and as silent as the graveyard. The hostel looked like rapture had taken place and there was no sign of anyone outside. Dan walked into Flora’s room; the tick-tock sound of the wall clock could be heard loudly.

“Hello Flora,” he said, waving at her.

“Oh! Hi Dan.” A smile formed on her face as she got out of her bed. She embraced him and beckoned him to sit on a chair opposite to her bed. She made hot tea for them to sip before anything.

“Thank you, Flora,” he appreciated. “You know why I am here, I believe.” He dropped his cup on the table beside him.

“Hmm, I guess so. About Paul?” She gave a single nod.


“So?” She shrugged.

“Paul hasn’t let me rest on your case. He tells me how much he loves you. I observe he tries to sit next to you in the lecture room. As my room mate, he tells me how you do only give him little attention, more like you don’t care. This is my third time here in—”

“Well,” she cut in. “It is no issue. In all honesty, I like you friend. But if you say that I tell you the reason why I do not really care about him, I will say.”

“Please, do.” He leaned forward, clasping his hands.

“Dan,” she called, rising to her feet with her cup of tea. “Do you know feelings are hard to stop, especially when one’s heart longs for someone?”

“Of course.”

“How do you feel when you love someone, tell it by your body language, but she isn’t aware?” She punched the air with her cup then sipped.

“I think that I will feel frustrated, and I’d have indescribable feelings,” he answered with a shrug.

“Good.” She licked her lips. “What if you are aware that she loves your best friend instead of you?”

“Oh!” He looked away and shook his head negatively. “I think I will feel bad.” He stared back at her.

She stood an inch to him and wagged a finger across his face. “No. Don’t say ‘think’. You will feel bad and possibly jealous.”

There was a moment of brief silence.

“You want to hear the truth, Dan? My body language tells a lot to you, but you don’t just know. Look!” She placed her hands on his shoulders. “It is you I love, not your friend.”

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